Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7-Stash busting report

I honestly thought about NOT posting
a stash busting report today, mostly
because I have not sewn in over a month.
Not a stitch!
Fabric in...0 yards
Fabric out...0 yards.
I am still at 13.5 yards used of
a 100 yard goal. Guess I better get
my machine (and creativity) in gear!
I did get a little excited about sewing
again after watching the new sewing show,
The Great British Sewing Bee on YouTube
The competitive part of me wants to see
if I can create an A line skirt in under
4 hours (zipper, darts and lining) and
redo a shirt neck in under an hour.
Could you complete these projects?


Kate said...

Once upon a time, I could have done those projects. I could probably still make them, but not in that time frame.

Hope your sewing mojo comes back soon.

Teresa in Music City said...

Like Kate, I could have done it "once upon a time" - but not today! I haven't sewn garments in years! But it might be fun to try :*)