Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14: Stash Report changes in the Stash Report.
Second...I did do some sewing this past week,
but it was with others fabric,  so I can
not count it or it was repairing past
projects or clothing.
Hey, at least I finally turned on my machine!


Deanna said...

Visiting from Judy's. Nice to meet another Utah blogger...I'll be back.

ANudge said...

Starting your machine is a good thing. It will come. I'm having a similar problem.

Lori said...

yes--turn your machine on and get it warmed up for your projects! You're learning to knit socks? I love to watch everyone knit socks. The ER visits--I think we all were patched up at home--we probably had as many ouchies but more home nursing! Ugh to the broken leg. Luckily young people heal so fast.