Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Needle

Today, I have on the needle...
The eternally-never-going-to-be-finished
Sinful Scarf pattern from
It is not a difficult pattern, but I seem to
barely knit for a while, then get bored
and want to move onto something else.
Blanket for my Husband.
I started this about 1.5 years ago as a gift
for my husband. Then I forgot about it and
could not remember the stitches I was using
for it.
(sorry...the photo will not upload!)
Thank goodness for two great friends in my
knit group, who also crochet. They slowly pulled
out some stitches and figured out I was
using a slip stitch-half stitch repeat.
I am determined to finish this for my
husbands upcoming birthday!
What's On the Needle at your house?


Maggie said...

nice work! Sometimes on scarves I quit measuring, because I knit and knit and it never seems to get longer.

Hope you can eventually show us a photo of the afghan!

Lynne Williams said...

I recently completed a ripple afghan and it is cozy and comfortable. Currently knitting a fair isle vest and needlepointing a pillow. Such fun:)

Stella Nemeth said...

The scarf pattern is a very pretty one. But scarfs drive me crazy some of the time. They just get boring.