Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yarn inventory 2012

This last year I participated in Judy's
2011 stash busting challenge.
I made the goal to use up 100 yards during 2011.
Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal,
but it made me more aware of my fabric buying habits.
I found myself not purchasing as much fabric, but....

I started buying ALOT more yarn.
I have begun crocheting again,
after a 20 year break.
I have joined a knit/crochet group
and am learning to knit this year.

So, my yarn inventory...
(sorry...lots and lots of photos)

Red (tho pink in the photo) and yellow
Sugar n' Cream for new hots pads.
The pink wool...not sure, but probably a cap.

Wool for caps/scarfs/cowls in
brown, light green, dark green and orange

Simply Soft for baby caps in
green, pink, white and blue

brown and cream mix fiber...cap or scarf?

Red and cream...knitting a shawl.

Simply soft for me in grey and peach.
No pattern picked.

Homespun for shawls in Fall and Orange colors.
Shawls for me.

1970's gold that someone gave me...about 35 spools.
I have no idea of a project or you?

I look forward to learning how to knit
and improving my crocheting skills during 2012!

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Brandie said...

That gold is so pretty! I love it!