Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thurday is the day!

I am going to cut off my hair!
As my 50th birthday is closing in on me
in the next few weeks,
I have this strong desire to make some changes.

I have been cleaning out my house...

I have made new friendships and let go of some relationships...

And now, I am ready for a personal change.

Here is the cut/style I am going for...I think

All the photos are versions of a classic Bob cut.

I eventually want to go back to my blond too.
I foolishly listened to a young stylist a few years ago,
who said women of a "certain age"
couldn't pull off blond anymore.

But I am ready for call me Blondie!


Vicki W said...

Last year (at 51) I decided to make a change too. But I decided to let my hair grow pretty much that same cut! I realized that I had the same haircut since I was 30 and it was time for a change. It's been a year and it's almost to the final length that I want.

Mrs. Exeter said...

That's a great do - isn't Helen pretty? Hope it went well and you enjoy your new style! xxx

Lynne Williams said...

Looking forward to seeing you with you classic bob. Your post caught my attention as I have had very similar feelings going into my 50th year. It's a milestone for sure and a great time to reassess.