Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UFO #6 Top completed

I am taking part in Judy's 12 month UFO challenge
and for January this is #6 off of my UFO list.

I made this red scrappy 9-patch as a group project
in my local quilt guild in 2009

Today I added the 4 borders.
I still need to decide what to back the quilt with tho.
The top measures 100" X 120".
I am known for my pieced backing which use up lots of scraps.
Just not sure I want to do that for this quilt.

(Update: Backing is made.
Used 98" wide muslin, cutting it length wise
and added a 12" X 128" scrappy section of leftover red fabrics)

In closing...
Boomer the cat in one of his favorite hiding places!


Atomic Mum said...

I love the colour, it's looks great. I never thought of using scraps to back with, it's sound like a good way to move on a lot of fabric bits. Thank you.

Lori said...

paper bags are a cat's favorite spot. Boxes are good too, but don't have the good rattle a bag has.

I have a top like yours on my wall. I think mine is a split 4-patch. Its aging on the wall. Like fine wine or whiskey.

Heather said...

Amazing what you did with nine patch - it looks more complex. Beautiful job! And I see you have a feline helper too...