Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 9 Stash Report

Fabric in: 0 yards

Fabric out: 10 yards

I was able to sew my daughter E's birthday gift.
Sorry I can't post a photo...
She reads my blog!

I did make a sample stuffed bird,
but am not sure I like it yet.

I did plan out my borders for the red 9-patch top
Unfortunately, I don't have the matching muslin
to finish out my border plans.
Trip to the fabric store this week!

This weeks goals:

Make & Create-

Attend monthly quilt guild meeting
Keep working on crochet scrap quilt
Make 2 journal quilts

Health & Weight-

Swim 2 times this week
5 Cardio workouts this week
Eat breakfast each morning

(I quit drinking soda this week-yeah!)

How did your week go?


SpinningStar said...

Great job this week - it's nice to have some large numbers out!

BTW - your first link in Judy's box is off - you forgot the "m" in .com.


Barb said...

cold cold cold.

Have you done anything with those Samoan fabrics yet?

Hope you have another productive week.

Alycia said...

Goo job this week - how are you doing with the no soda???

Liz said...

Guess I'll get that birthday gift early since I'm babysitting your house and animals over my birthday while you're off cruising the world! LOL! Love you.

Suzanne said...

See, I told you all she reads my blog. Lol! Thanks for the info, Liz. No Barb, I haven't cut into the Samoan fabrics...yet! Alycia-I quit soda completely. Only water and juice with some milk.

Lori said...

I like your health goals. No soda, that is really tough in the beginning--but after withdrawal period of--oh say 10 years or so---it won't bother you! Eating breakfast--if someone just flopped a plate of food in front of me it would be easier.

Looking forward to pics of the gifted quilt. Great bust!