Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 1st Stash Busting Report

I haven't sewn anything over the week,
so I will just post my 2011 goal...

2011 goal-100 yards!

How about you?

Besides fabric stash busting,
I am also doing the 12 month UFO challenge
at Judy's website

January's project will be my
red 9-patch quilt top.
It needs borders,
then I will send it out to be quilted.

This weeks goals:

Make and create-
Start drawing out borders for 9-patch top
Make sample of bird ornament
Work on E's birthday gift

Walk one mile 5 days
Swim 2 days
Stop drinking soda

Looking forward to a year of many finishes
and some great creative adventures!


SpinningStar said...

Good goals for the year - 100 yards can be done... maybe not by me, but others can do it!

I've started putting a small glass and a pitcher of ice water on top of the kitchen table. Whenever I walk by, I seem to just grab a small glass and it is working to decrease the coffee drinking.

Good luck with the health goals!


Alycia said...

Great goals - keep us posted on giving up soft drinks!

Atomic Mum said...

Good Luck with all your goals!

Lori said...

I like your health goals!