Friday, December 10, 2010

Unusual Christmas Tree

I grew up with a very creative Mother.
She handmade a good majority our clothes.
She could see something in a used store
and it beautifully became something new.

Growing up, we had creative Christmas Trees.
One year we had a tree made from Pampas Grass plumes
(white with red ball ornaments-it was gorgeous!)
Another year we had a tree made from white Kleenex.
(chicken wire cone stuffed with tissues and the same red balls)

While she and my Dad lived in the Philippines
she acquired a Stick Christmas Tree.

The Tree is put together with sticks.
which have been individually hand painted.
The whole thing weighs a ton!

She decorated it with gold and white ornaments.

I inherited it when my Dad passed away last January.

Miss you Mom and Dad!


Ann J said...

Love your story Suzanne! I also have a 'stick' Christmas tree that has served us well for many years now and I still love it! Not as big as yours and left 'au naturelle' - I usually decorate it with red and gold topped by my very special Victorian style angel.....Luv Ann

Kris said...

Very cool tree!

Lori said...

that is a beautiful tree. Things with memories tied to them are priceless.