Friday, December 17, 2010

UFO 12 month challenge

I am participating in the year long UFO challenge at

You list 12 UFO projects you would like to finish in 2011.
Each month Judy picks a number between 1-12
and the project listed with that number is the one you work on.
I have alot of UFO'S, so...

2011 UFO List:

1.Pink Vintage quilt-finish blocks, top and borders

2.Pine tree quilt-borders, send our for quilting, do binding

3.Christmas crazy 9-patch-finish blocks, top, borders, send out for quilting, do binding

4.Cheater cloth pinwheels wall hanging-borders, quilt it, bind it

5.Welcome wall hanging-quilt and bind it

6.Red 9-patch queen quilt-borders, send out for quilting, bind it

7.Log Cabin Christmas wreath-quilt and bind it

8.Utah State Fair challenge fabric-design pattern, sew top, quilt and bind wall hanging

9.Scrappy Flag wall hanging-quilt and bind it

10.Bear in the Farmhouse-send out for quilting then do binding

11.Mystery class quilt-send out for quilting and do binding

12.Yard sale Dresden plate quilt-borders, send out to be quilted, do binding

I am looking forward to a year of many finished quilts!


Barb said...

Oh wow, you have alot of fun projects!!!! What a way to get things done!!

Ann J said...

What a lovely collection! Good luck with getting them all finished!

ANudge said...

Suzanne - I especially like 2 and 10. What a lovely bunch of quilts you're going to have!

sophanne said...

Hey Suzanne- thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! (beckyknitstoo) Your quilts are stunning!

Atomic Mum said...

Oh what lovely works of art. I have only ever made two quilts but plan to amke more. I really like the red one, it's simple yet bold.
Good luck with finishing them all.

Dionne said...

Wow, what fun quilts! I love your list. I've just joined the challenge and I although I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Kare said...

Oh my, you are going to go broke real fast after sending out those tops to be quilted!