Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How would you finish this quilt?

I got out this UFO project yesterday
as the rain and snow were falling outside
(and I knew I didn't want to be out in that weather!)

This is what the tree blocks look like and

This is how I am sewing the top together.

Border options:

A.Sew on the 4 corner 1/2 triangles so it is squared up and add a couple of borders(probably 3 borders)

B. Keep the angled corners and then add the 3 borders

C. Do you have another suggestion?

This is for our Queen sized bed. It will be nice to have another project off the UFO list and onto a bed!


Kris said...

Hmmm.... not sure what I would do. Squaring it off then borders sounds easier. Just borders sounds more interesting.

Henrietta said...

At the end closest to the camera, in the middle, you have three trees all going the same way. At the other end the center tree is going in a different direction. I would turn it around and also the corner block trees at that end so they match the other end in reverse.

How you border it would depend on (1) if you have a foot board on your bed and (2) how much of a drop you are going to have.

If no foot board I would first add a narrow border in the same fabric you made the setting triangles from to 'float' the center. Add to the corners first then sides, top and bottom.

Then go ahead and do the other borders you planned.