Saturday, November 27, 2010

Future projects

I have two books that I would like to do
some of the projects from VERY soon.

I like a local artist,
Nancy Halverson's designs.
Ben Franklin's carries the wire frame
that goes with the monthly blocks from this book.

Tho I am still working on perfecting my knitting skills,
I find I am looking at more and more crochet patterns.
Since I know one of the grand babies coming in 2011 is a girl,
I would like to crochet the sweet little bonnet and booties
for her Church Blessing.
I plan to sew the Blessing gown...something long and lacy.

I need to compile my list of 2011 making and creating goals.
I have  some thoughts...
completing lots of UFOs...
Quilting the numerous tops waiting in the pile...
Sewing myself some new clothes, especially for our cruise.

What are some of your making and creating goals for 2011?
Please share....

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Kris said...

Oh I love crochet!