Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 make and create goals

I think I have my 2011 goals for making and creating all listed.

Of course, this list could change...
it usually does...


Besides trying a new technique each month,
I plan to make a few bird ornaments for our 2011 Christmas Tree decorations
The photo isn't the exact ornament but pretty close.
Each bird will have a  year printed on the bottom
to represent one year of our marriage.


I love vintage clothing!
My Mom use to make the majority of my clothing
(she worked for a clothes designer in the LA clothing market)
I use to make all my girls clothing when they were younger.
I have fallen into the "jeans and t-shirt Mom" look for too long now.
I want to also remake used clothing.

I am still learning and am VERY slow at knitting.
I am making a sampler stitch afghan.
I purchased multiple skeins of a green yarn and
have been doing one entire skein in one stitch.
I'm almost done with my second skein.
This may take an entire year....


I have set my fabric stash busting goal for 2011 at 100 yards.
Same goal I have had for 2 years now.

I want to find a group goal to take part in....
My local guild is doing a block project January-July....maybe...

I will be using some new techniques
to make a 5" block each week.
At the end of the year I will have a quilt
representing 2011.
So, those are my goals...
at least, this week...
they always change slightly...

What are your goals for 2011?


Lizzie said...

You know, I really haven't thought about this much. But I am quiting a long-running, time-sucking venture, and I'm hoping I'll have more time for sewing. What I really need to do is finish a few projects!

George said...

New year is all about having a new life ahead of us. We may have a new haircut, new clothes, new figure, new hairstyle, new point of view in life and everything. I am glad that you have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year.

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