Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four days into the new Routinue

I am 4 days into my new eating-exercising plan
and it seems to be going great!
I have had some challenges with eating every 3 hours
and I am a little sore from the extra exercise,
but it hasn't killed

Some of the exercises I do:
(these photos are off the Internet-none of them are of me)

Each day I jump robe 50 times

Twice a week I do Zumba, which is a dance class
I use to dance as a teen, so I really like the classes

I also do water aerobic classes twice a week

We move back and forth across the pool,
swim laps back and forth in the deep end
Use empty bottle to float so we can do core toning

Plus use foamy weights to add resistance under the water.
Of course, the best time of the class is the last 5 minutes,
when we get to relax in the hot tub!
I am also walking 4 times a week.

I am using to track my
calories and exercise daily.
It's a good free site..check it out!

My trainer said to set 3 realistic goals to accomplish
in the next 6 weeks and to tell others of my intent, so

Goal 1: Be able to wear my black dress pants to my 30th High School
Reunion in 6 weeks. I can wear them now, but not comfortably.

Goal 2: Lose 1 clothing size in 6 weeks

Goal 3: Be able to swim 2 full laps the full length of the pool
without stopping or using a kick board.

There you have it!
Almost one week down-5 to go!


Constantine said...

Way to go Aunt Suzanne! I admire you for these goals! You are an inspiration to me! Zumba sounds fun! I have heard of other people doing it! Keep us posted on your progress! You can do it!!

Love, Jossi

Kris said...

Well done! I like that your activities are so varied. You won't get bored with that!

Quiltsmiles said...

Congratulations on your level headed approach and sticking with your activities. I may mimick your approach to help me in my own fitness goals. Thanks for the inspiration. Jane