Monday, August 16, 2010

Always double check dates and measure the fabric twice!

I had planned to enter a couple of small quilts
plus a prayer shawl I had crocheted in my local
county fair.
The turn in date has always been on Monday,
with judging on Tuesday,
with the fair officially opening on Wednesday.
Not this year!
Just found out last night that the turn in date was Saturday...oh well!

Here is a sneak preview of my current quilt.
I am calling it "The Quilt".
I am hoping to have it done and quilted
in time to enter it in the Road the California Show.
The show isn't until January,
but you have to have a photo, fee, and entry form in by Oct. 1st.
100 rows-10 done...
Thousands of 1.5 inch pieces
Better get my machine in gear!

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