Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Setting up some of my sewing goals

I usually set up my goals for what I want to do for sewing/quilting/creating/clothing/costumes in September, so here I go:
1.Complete the 2009 Utah Quilt Guild Mystery project...I think the program is almost over.
2.Finish up the many tops and un-binded (sp?) quilts I have in my sewing room
3.Keep working on stash busting the huge fabric collection I have acquired.
4.Do the "Sweet Nostalgia" embroidery quilt at
Pictured below is the first block that Dorothy posted September 15th.
5.Spend a little more time of clothes sewing over the next four months.
6. Finish the Syracuse (Utah) Quilt group skill builder quilt top
Of course, some of my goals will change a little and I'll probably add a couple more goals.
What about you...share, please!

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Liz said...

I love goal #2. I really need to come help out with the 3 that you mine that :-) you have. HAHAHA.