Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, busy!

I've been busy with lots of the usual things...grandkids and the house! Babysitting three kids under 5 years old is exhausting. And the house, well.....I get to it when I can!
With the warm weather still hanging on this week, we've gone outside as much as possible. K asked me why we did. I told it was to run some energy out of us and breath some sunshine into us before the Winter comes. Now, when it's getting crazy indoors, she'll say "I think we need to run some energy out of us, Grandma".
I love drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. The kids create beautiful masterpieces, which wash off easily with the hose (by Grandpa) and can be recreated tomorrow.

After 12 years in a all-white house, I finally got my hubby to paint our bedroom. I hate all white walls, but my hubby hates painting even more, so it's taken 12 years to convince him we could do it. Well, he could do it-he hates to paint, but he hates anyone helping him even more.

The color is called "Pony Tail" by Olympic Paints from Lowe's Hardware. We are going to paint the doors and trim a white in a little while. I still need to re-install the canopy and light over the bed. I really like the color! I hubby says he isn't painting again until he retires in 10 years and we sell the house.
I have done some sewing, but most of it has been for Christmas, so I can't show you.....

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