Saturday, September 12, 2009

Art Festivals and yard sales...

....two things I love to attend with my family!
Today I went to the first annual Plain City (Utah) Art Festival with my hubby. Anyone who had a booth with items to sell had to provide items only handmade. I loved the photography and leather craft booths. My hubby got a kick out of this Cow welcoming us to the festival. We then headed out the the Weber County Fairgrounds where they were holding a huge, multi person yard sale. We were too late for it, unfortunately, but as we headed back towards the freeway, we saw a yard sale sign with lots of cars parked along the road. Of course, we stopped!
The family having the sale go to Estate and Lot sales year around, then resale the items individually in their huge garage. Wow, what a garage! I found a large box that I could see knitting needles and yarn sticking out of that was marked $2. It was the best $2 I have spent in a long time....
From the box, pictured above:
Singercraft yarn/rug maker from the 1940's(top of photo)
Empire men's trouser hand presser from 1932(with electric cord)
A box of 6 beautiful antique buttons
Palm Loom (round plastic) from 1965
Hand held button sewer

Plus these 9 sets of knitting needles, 2 sets of round needles, and assorted 2 point straight needles.
There was also quite an assortment of threads, needles, snaps, grommets, yarn, taffeta tape and other sewing things in the bottom of the box!
I think I got my money's worth!!!!!!

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Gina said...

What a great haul you had for your money

Love and hugs Gina xxx