Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day & son update

Update on my son...long story has been rescheduled for the end of the month...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onto something else...Mother's day
I am not a big celebrator of Mother's Day...
When my Mom was alive, she did a big dinner or other get-to-gether for me & my sister-in-laws and we always had a great time. The celebration was built around her mostly because she was a great Mom to all. When she died 8 years ago, I just didn't feel like celebrating anymore.
Yesterday, my Hubby decided we needed a day out by grandkids
He took me to Taggart's restaurant...half way between Ogden, Utah & Evanston, Wyoming on Highway I-84/exit 108. All that is there is the restaurant, a house & a few cabins. The freeway exit basically puts you in the driveway of the house or the restaurant, depending on which direction you are exiting.
Here's our lunch...he had the bacon cheeseburger with fries & I had a teriyaki chicken pita with salad. He also tried their Orange Cream soda.

While waiting for the food, we gazed out over the gardens & patio. It would be a nice place to have a small wedding or party. The garden is alive with peacocks...this one was about 10 feet from our table.

And of course...dessert. Taggart's is famous for their desserts. Our choices...I had the raspberry chocolate cheesecake & Hubby had the rocky road brownie plus a coconut macaroon. We also purchased a very large sugar cookie for our daughter L who gave us a gift certificate to Taggarts...thank you, sweet daughter!
I say we had dessert...some of each is still in the much to eat in one day!
So what is the rest of my weekend going to be like...laying around & doing absolutely nothing! Hubby bought me a quilt magazine & a garden/home magazine, so I may just go soak in the jet tub & read for a while!


Brenda said...

That sounded like a wounderful day with your hubby!! The birds are beautiful! And I think your plans for the next week sound just about perfect!! Makes me want to follow in your footsteps!! ;-)

Lori in South Dakota said...

A day out with just your husband is a needed thing sometimes. I know I could use one about now!