Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random photos of finished projects

I wish they were quilting projects, but they're not.
This first photo is the bread we had at a Pizza Restaurant. I thought it was interesting how they cooked the dough on the sticks...it was yummy! (I told you these were random photos)
Lori asked if there was a final photo of the porch painting project...so here they are...

I like the railings painted the red/brown much more than the white we've had forever. Next, I need to repaint the shutters and front door. Right now they are green...I may just do green again, but then, I may just try something new. I would also like to removed the white pillars on either side of the steps and do something new...any ideas?

I trimmed the big bush (in the left of the photo)...cut about 5 feet off of it last year and about 4 feet this year...Hubby wants to pull it out and put something smaller there. The daffodils are nearly done blooming and the tulips are coming up.

Random thoughts with random photos!


Kris said...

Pretty! Lovely facelift!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I really like the colors of the railings. I agree, a smaller bush would open up your porch. So those white pillars support anything, or are they strictly ornamental? Would like to see a full on front shot.