Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stash busting for 09 Nov

My numbers look so small now that I
have started a new 2014-2015 goal,
but I will just keep plugging along.
Yards in this week: 0
Yards out this week: 1.5
Total used to date: 3.5 yards
I made two bags for my granddaughters
birthday. The gift theme was bags/purses.
Left to Right:
Purse to hold nail polish...she isn't a little girl anymore,
but not quite a teenager either.
Bag to hold her books...this child reads constantly!
Bag to hold her craft projects....she is learning to
Onto sewing for Christmas......


Dee Dee said...

I heard that "theme" parties are really big right now. Cute bags. Sometimes that in between stage is hard to shop for.

Scooquilt said...

Very nice bags! I know what you're doing with your numbers, and they're very positive! Have a great week.

Kate said...

You have to start somewhere and you are off to a good start it looks like.