Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stash Report

I did get in some sewing this week...Yee Haw!
Most of it was for charity, which is good,
but the charity needed color specific
flannel, which I did not have, so I
bought a few years. Not so great of
busting the current stash...
Fabric in this week: 7 yards
Fabric used this weed: 10.5 yards
Adjust yardage used to date: 25 yards
I better get sewing if I am going to come
even close to my goal of 100 yards
used this year.
How are you doing?

1 comment:

Scooquilt said...

At least you're in the negative numbers. The year is young! My goal is 100 yards,also. I may have made a little purchase today...