Friday, October 19, 2012

On the Needle-19 Oct

I started a new scarf pattern called
"Organic Scarf" by Chalice.
You can find the pattern on
The Yarn is Simply Soft by Caron in grey.
As it turns out, the pattern designer
is in my local knit group, which is
doubly nice, since I needed help
with her pattern.
From this pattern, I learned how
to "make one" stitch, which increased
the scarf cast on from 240 stitches to
480 stitches.
Loving this pattern!


Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I like your purple yarn. Glad I'm not the last one to post today.

Laurie said...

Had to look this up on it. One of my daughter's may receive this for year. This year it is hats for everyone. Thanks for commenting on my post.