Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter dress marathon with the Friday Finish

Skipped last week from posting my Friday Finish.
Not only was I still sick (going on 6 weeks now)
but my granddaughter had croup and a ear infection.
Not a happy house!
I finished 3 more knit blocks

Square to Square


Garter Rib block
I also began the annual sewing of the Spring
dresses for all the granddaughters...5 this year!

Youngest, Miss M, was the first...

I love this Simplicity Pattern.
Used it with my daughters 25 plus years ago.
Used it so much I wore it out,
Purchased another copy when my
first granddaughter was born 7 years ago.

Miss E was next..

Same pattern, but instead of pleats
across the front I gathered it
and added a under skirt with a ruffle.

It's National Quilting day tomorrow....
maybe I'll switch up to finishing some
long overdue bindings.

Any plans for you?

1 comment:

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Aw, such sweet dresses! I don't think I am sewing dresses for my daughters this year, but I will be doing their baskets.