Thursday, May 5, 2011

HMQS in Salt Lake, Utah

Each year I work at the HMQS
(Home Machine Quilting Show)
in Salt Lake in the QOV (Quilts of Valor) booth.

The show is always great,
and this year was no exception.
The quilt show was absolutely huge.
There were alot of vendors from all over the USA.

I took alot of photos....
Unfortunately, I had to use my camera phone,
so the quality is not superior.

This post I will share the garment entries I liked:

Close up of a stippled long coat with
a Asian themed applique across the front.

Heavily quilted jacket front
with button squares on point.
The sleeves were a filmy silk print.

Heavily stippled jacket of
(I think) hand dyed fabric.
Little bits and scraps of fabric
were caught randomly with the quilting.

A large display of clothing,
compared to other years.

Tomorrow, I'll post some quilt photos.

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