Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Photos

I purchased a new phone recently
and have been trying to figure out all
the bells and whistles it has to offer.

So, some random photos....

Boomer the kitty sleeping on my bed

 Flowers for my (upcoming) birthday

 Sea themed wreath from my sister-in-law

 Marble sculpture

Dress form wearing a sample beauty pageant sash
and some of my daughters button collection.

It was time consuming to download these photos.
I'm sure I am doing it the hard way.
I usually do.....when it comes to technology

1 comment:

Constantine said...

I love the pictures! For a phone the picture quality certainly is very nice. I LOVE that sea-themed wreath...VERY creative!
My husband just got a new iPhone, and whenever I try to mess with it I can NEVER seem to figure it out. It's way too high tech for me :P Guess I'm kind of behind for my generation when it comes to all the phones and gadgets!
I have missed your blog posts! I am looking forward to reading them again Aunt Suzanne :)

Love, Jossi