Thursday, October 14, 2010

What are you making for the Holidays?

Judy at Patchwork Times is having a giveaway.
You can enter by blogging about your creating plans
for your Holiday gift giving.

I have 3 plans:

#1-Grandchildren Aprons

All my children enjoy cooking,
so over the years I have given them
Aprons and Cookbooks.
This year, the grandchildren are going to join the fun!

I found these aprons on clearance at the end of the Summer
Maybe I'll add a little stitching or their names to the apron.


Each year I make/purchase a Nativity
or book related to the Christmas story
for each of my children's families.

This year I found this Nativity panel on sale back in the Summer.
There is a little item to attach for each day of December.
I think they will be great for little Grandchildren fingers.
I usually try to have the Nativity gift done for Thanksgiving
so my "super early decorator" children have it ready to go.

#3-Christmas Eve Jammies

I make flannel PJ Bottoms for all my
kids and grand kids every year.
They open their gift on Christmas Eve...
new Jammie's to sleep in!

This year I thought I would change it up a bit
and make nightgowns for the Granddaughters.
Pink flannel is so warm and girly!

What plans are you making?

Take a peek at Judy's blog and
see if someone has something to inspire you!


Anonymous said...

Can I be one of your granddaughters? I so love flannel PJ's and need a pair desperately!! You are a goooood gramma. Nice gift ideas. Dar in MO

jayayceeblog said...

All great ideas, but the jammies and nightgowns are awesome! Lucky kids!

Judy D said...

Love, love, love the pink flannel! So very girlie. Time to get busy on those gifts......this year it's pillow cases and cash...sure glad they all love them.