Monday, October 18, 2010

Changes are coming to my life!

I have felt for a while that some changes were coming to my life.

Some of the changes I was trying to make, by exercising and eating correctly and having a better attitude.

Some of the changes I couldn't control, like some health issues I am having-you just have to hang on tight and ride thru the hard times!

I went to Church today and was giving a new Church calling/job....

Really new...something I have never done before!

I am the new choir director!

Yeah...Hubby and I were both a little stunned.

I have secretly played the piano since I was a kid.
Didn't want anyone to know because I have never felt
comfortable playing in front of others...not perfect enough for the public.

I guess I better get use to not-perfect, huh!

Our first performance will be
Sunday, December 19th-the Christmas Program.

We are doing 3 prelude (before the Sacrament Meeting) songs
plus one song between Speakers,
plus we will begin the Closing song with the congregation joining us on the last verse.

I have sang in lots of choirs over the years thru school and Church.

I like being an Indian in the tribe...not the Chief!


Kris said...

Congrats on the calling! At least you know something about music, I have known people who had no training at all be called to such a position! (They had to learn quickly!!!) Change is a good thing.

SpinningStar said...


May everything go smoothly in this position....liz

Lori said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Walk softly and carry a big baton! Whack those tenors! (just like to pick on tenors)