Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have come down to my last button....

Last year I tried to use up as many buttons and thread
as I did fabric during my fabric busting project. I did pretty good with the fabric,
excellent with the thread,
(I had thread passed down from my Mom
that was at least 40 years old)
and today, I realized
that I have nearly run out of buttons!
I still have a big jar of singular buttons
all different sizes and colors,
but no matching white buttons for this jumper!
Time to go to the store.....

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Lorraine said...

I had a huge button stash collected over many years.....it sat in several glass jars in my sewing room.....when I moved house recently I decided it was time to let the button collection go....so gave them away to a friend...sometimes you just know it is time to let go! Well done on using your buttons and thread - I have quite a bit of thread I have "collected" over various projects...will take a leaf out of your book and start using it up!