Monday, May 17, 2010

48 Patterns...all for $17

I went to our local Saver's store today
and hit the Pattern load...
48 patterns for $17!
I'm keeping 45 of the them for my own use,
plus one to a friend and two will probably get donated back.
There's alot of photos...get comfortable! Women's multi piece patterns sizes 6-16.
I like the upper right shrug pattern for my upcoming cruise.
Men's and unisex shorts and sweats patterns.
Good basic patterns even if the models fabric is scary!

Women's tops-sizes 6-16
Women's dresses..never know when you'll go to a Hoe Down!
Women's Maternity, PJ's and Plus sizes (for me)
Children's-back row for the granddaughters
Front row 1970's vintage basics.
Adults costumes
Children's costumes

Aprons and purses..the purse pattern is going to a friend! made it all the way to the end!
I also got a purse (I know, I have an addiction!)
A scarf, that I'll use in a landscape quilt
4 hats for the grandson to wear on vacation
and a Summer long robe with the original tags on it.
It's been a good shopping day!


Liz said...

We'll call you the crazy pattern lady. I like that on the maternity pattern lines you have "(for me)". LOL! Think that one through. Love you! And thanks for getting the hats for Tayge. ;)

Suzanne said...

Lol..I meant the plus sized patterns..the maternity would be for you when you get around to needing it...hint hint!