Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look what I found in the mail!

I haven't ordered from a catalog or online for quilt related things for about 2 years.
I decided to try and use up and clean out and do with what I already had in my studio.
Finally realized I should help the economy and ordered the items below from Keepsake Left: Train cut outs for a new quilt for my grandson, who at 2 years old, is crazy about Choo-Choos.
Right: Stars in various yellow fabrics for my Syracuse (Utah) Quilt Chapters "Christmas in July" challenge. Still not exactly sure what I'm doing for this project, but know I want lots of Stars in it.


Liz said...

Guess I know what the crazy almost-2-year-old is getting for Christmas? I would say his birthday - but it is next week and you would be crazy busy! Are you going to ride the choo-choo this Saturday with us?

Lori said...

Here here!! Once in a while we need to support the economy! I just support it in smaller amounts these days!

Cara Jean Means said...

Thank you for linking to me on your blog!