Sunday, March 19, 2017

Completeing all the steps to make a quilt

I have been creating quilts for more than
half my lifetime. I started out sewing
useful traditional block quilts for my
family to sleep beneath. Years later,
I create landscape and art quilts to make
the World a little bit more beautiful.

I have not always been very good at
adding labels to any of my quilts.

Today, I am going back and hand
sewing labels onto past quilts I have
given to family members.

First quilt up....

My daughters frog quilt. I made
this many moons ago when she was a
young girl...she is married with
children of her own now.

This daughter always brought home
stray animals to love. I didn't mind
the kittens she rescued and hide in
her bedroom ("Dear, do you hear a
meow sound coming from inside your
room? "No, Mom.........")

I did put my foot down to things like
snakes and frogs and other creepy

So, she got a quilt full of fabric frogs!

What are you working on this
Slow Stitching Sunday?


Quilter Kathy said...

Such a great quilt to symbolize your daughter's love of creatures!
And very important to put a label on it, so the next generation will know why she got this quilt and who made it for her!

Sarah said...

I agree labels are really important! Your daughters frog quilt is very cute.

AnnieO said...

I am terrifically lax at labeling quilts for family members! Those I give to non-family members get labels though. My nephew is a lot like your daughter--always bringing animals home. He loved snakes though and had a lot of them!

Maker Joy said...

What a sweet story about your daughter.

I'm also pretty lax about labeling quilts, but maybe labels as a way to capture the story behind them might just do it...

Good luck with all of your labeling.

Mary said...

I don't like snakes and frogs either, but your daughter's quilt is adorable.

Laura said...

That frog quilt is so stinkin' cute!