Sunday, November 27, 2016

Calm before the crazy...

I love Sundays.
Sleeping in...
Attending Church...
Hand sewing on a project

This Sunday, I am currently working on
my Trip around the World quilt. I
began the project over two years ago
with a Facebook group. I think
everyone else has finished
(or given up!)

The squares are 2 inches. I am starting
row 41. Every seventh row I use the same
red with white dot fabric. All other
fabric is from my stash.
I added it up today, and I
currently have over 3800 squares
sewn. so far.

I find hand sewing very relaxing, which
I especially need as we go into the
Holiday season here in the USA.

What are you slow stitching today?


Sarah said...

I too love Sundays! Your trip around the world is going to be amazing with lots of wonderful memories.

Jennie in GA said...

That is a lot of hand stitched squares. Would love to see your progress.

Robin said...

Some projects are more time consuming than others but it feels so good when they are done. Enjoy the process.