Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slow stitching Sunday

The time has arrived.
No more 9-5. No deadlines.
No appointments.
I am a stay home woman again!
A new chapter in my life.
And going with that new chapter,
I am trying to be better organized
in my sewing/knitting/handiwork.
I organized my studio and found
4 cross stitch projects that are
way over due to be finished.
I am starting with the oldest
project: Fish wall hanging.

I was raised near the ocean and
 love ocean-beach themed décor.
This one is destined
for the bathroom wall.


Julierose said...

Oh what an adorable stitchery! Congrats on being stay-at-home; don't be surprised how quickly that time fills in!! After we both retired, my DH and i wondered how we'd have the TIME to work!! LOL hugs, Julierose (P.S. I HAVE to learn how to do counted cross stitch--they have such cute patterns--allI've done is stamped x-stitch, crewel and needlepoint

Judy S. said...

I agree, take care to guard your time or it will fill very quickly! (Ask me how I know....) That's a very cute cross stitch. I'm trying to finish one of my long time x-stitch projects, too. Haven't been doing too well of late and must get back to it. Somehow my knitting projects creep to the fore.

Cathy said...

I'm dreaming of retirement in a couple of years. Enjoy yours. Cross stitch looks like a good start.

Quilter Kathy said...

A lovely project to start your new chapter... enjoy!

CathieJ said...

Enjoy your retirement and your stitching.