Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time flies!

This summer has just flown by so quickly!
I have missed blogging for weeks now.
For my stash repost, I did do some sewing
that I can count towards the used side. I
sewed a dress for granddaughters birthday.
Used during July: 1.5 years
Total busted: 14 yards
Sad number, I know, but in the next few
weeks, I will (hopefully) have numerous
projects coming together at the
same time. My numbers should at least
double, if not triple!
I have been busy knitting. I am still really
new to knitting, so any time I finish
something, it's a pretty big deal for me!
Here is my first lace shawl, finished 2 weeks ago.
The pattern is called Old Shale Shawl, which I found it
on Ravelry . I learned how to knit two together,
yarn over and the Russian bind off method.
It will be a gift for my sweet neighbor, when
the weather starts to cool in the Fall.
My projects for the next couple of weeks:
1. Flannel baby blankets for a friend who is expecting
   twin boys any minute.
2. Four quilts for charity to be tied at my
Church. They will be donated to a local
family shelter thru the Utah Quilt Guild.
3.Back to school clothes for the grand kids!
What are your sewing plans?


Kalicocreations said...

Looks like you are going to be busy the next couple of weeks. Congratulations on your finishes!

Dar said...

I love your shawl. It's beautiful and the color is one of my favorites. Also, thanks for the link in Ravelry. I've started knitting too and it's hard to balance knitting with quilting projects. Just not enough time in the day!

Jennifer said...

Your shawl is beautiful! It is really hard to balance time between multiple crafty projects, but any finish counts, right?!