Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready for a new adventure

I took the Summer off from blogging
and many of my other regular activities.
But...I'm back and ready to have
a new adventure.
So...first...end of Summer Stash Report:
Fabric in...maybe 10 yards
Fabric out...maybe 10 yards.
That means I am still at about 27 yards
of fabric used doing 2014
Part of my new path is I am
ready to accomplish some goals
I have put off for quite a while...
some goals for years and years.
My youngest child is getting married
in the next few months and we, the
Mister and I, will be emptynesters!
Some folks set goals with the New Year.
I am married to a school teacher, so
our schedule tends to follow a
September-August period.
Some of my goals I am planning are
1. Lose weight: I know...everyone has that goal. I
am about 100 lbs overweight, so I need to lose, no matter
what. It's a health issue. I need energy to live the life I want too.
2. Finish a UFO each month: I'll add a list here next week.
3. Read my scriptures everyday: I read the Book of Mormon
over the 100 days of Summer vacation. On to the Bible..
4. Clean out my storage: I have cleaned out holiday décor, but
the food/camping/clothing/don't know where to put it
storage has taken over one huge room down stairs.
5. Use it up-make it do: Like many of us have been
fabric stash busting, I have way too much fabric and it
needs to be used up. A few years ago, I went 1 year without
purchasing any fabric, and I am going to do it again.
There will be more goals, I know, but this is a good start for
Sep 2014. If any of you have had experience trying to
accomplish these changes, please share any tips or helps!


Dee Dee said...

Suzanne - I only added 6 yards in 2013 and I plan on not adding any fabric in 2015. I also have too much fabric, I am planning on using as much as I can in the next 20 years!

I have also gained a bunch of unwanted pounds and need to lose some weight. Quilting isn't a very active hobby!

What helped with our storage issues is that we told our kids that they had two weeks to come get their stuff or it was going to the thrift store - it worked!

Your goals all seem doable - wishing you much success.

Kate said...

I like your goals for 2014/2015. I'm in de-cluttering mode too. I started in one room of the house and I spend an hour of my housework time each weekend going through whatever cabinets I can. There are 3 piles, trash, recycle (Goodwill), and keep. After 4 bags of trash and one to Goodwill, there is actually space to store the "keep" stuff in our bathroom. just too more shelves to clean up and I can move on to the next room.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

You've given a lot of thought to your goals - good luck with them. I post my goals and report my progress to keep myself accountable, and it helps me a lot.
I was motivated to lose weight before my son's wedding because I didn't want to look like that in the wedding photos. I did it all on my own, with easy lifestyle changes, including eliminating all chips, sugary desserts, and second helpings; counting calories; and later adding exercise (mostly walking on a treadmill at the gym). I have kept it off for 4 years now.
I hope you can have the same success with your weight, and with all your goals. Keep us posted!

Deanna said...

Where in Utah are you? I am in the Ogden area. Always good to meet another quilter.

My family set a goal for each of us to get rid of 365 things this year. We might not quite make it, but every item lightens the load. And, we haven't missed a thing so far.

As far as losing weight goes, you gained it a pound at a time and losing it (and keeping it off) must happen the same way. Start with small changes. For example, no second helpings and add a 10-20 minute walk daily. Congratulate yourself for every victory and don't worry about how far you have to go but that you are on the right road. Regardless of speed, if you are on the correct road you WILL reach your destination.