Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am back...
After months of not posting...
Life got in the way...
I think there is finally a break in the roller coaster ride I call my life!
The main reason's I haven't posted:
1.New computer that still has problems
2.Health problems
3.Daughter getting married
The daughter getting married isn't really a problem...just a very busy time for the entire household!
So, here's my first stash busting report for 2014
Fabric used: 9 yards
Fabric purchased: 1.5 yards
Total busted:7.5 yards.
I did not set a specific goal of how many yards I wanted to use this year. I also will probably be only posting a monthly stash busting report.
How are you doing in your creating?


Dee Dee said...

Enjoy this time with your daughter. Hope the health issues have gotten better.

Dar said...

You are starting out on the right foot as it relates to stash busting. Good luck with your wedding plans and hope your health issues are better.

Ann J said...

Great to see you back Suzanne, and congratulations to your daughter on her marriage.

Trust your health is greatly improved by now !

Take Care........Ann X