Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pinterest and Auction projects

Do you use Pinterest?

I could use (waste) hours looking at (pinning)
recipes and patterns and ideas and....
well, just alot of fun things on their site.

I final decided to finish a project I pinned:

I went to the local thrift store and spent $5
for the 2 plates, bowl and 2 candlesticks.
Husband glued them up for me and
ta-da...a new veggie/fruit plate.

My Husband, Super Handyman, is a school teacher.
In the past, he has worked a second Summer job,
but this year, he decided to be a bum.
I've kept his busy...

I purchased a wooden cubby cabinet at
auction for $4. I thought my Husband could
use it for storage at home or at his school.
He decided to cut it in half and made me
2 new shoe cabinets for our closet.

I love shoes...maybe I better go shopping....

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