Sunday, June 24, 2012

Antique and Yard Sale Treasures

Whenever we travel, my Husband and I
always like to stop at Antique stores
and occasionally, a yard sale.

We did a little shopping in Idaho
and when we got back home....
this is what we found.....

Bookstores are a financially dangerous
place for my family to be left unattended!
I found these 3 books to add to our music collection.
The far right: "Bananas in Pyjamas"
use to be a favorite TV show for my
youngest daughter 20 years ago.

More piano and guitar music books,
plus some needle arts books
(all 25 cents each)

I love linens and textiles!
These will probable go into a
basket quilt.

A girl can never have too many
beautiful hankies!

I purchased the gloves, hankie, table
runner and candle holders
in a wonderful shop in Logan (Utah)

I also have an incredibly generous
Sister in Law, who gave me not one,
but two boxes full of linens.
So nice!
I have lots of table clothes,
and hankies,
and towels,
and tea cloth,
and other lovely textiles
to hand wash this week!


SpinningStar said...

Lovely additions. I think I have at least one of those hankies in my stash!

I'm catching up on the news and such and was wondering if you are affected by the wild fires in Utah? I saw a refernece to Saratoga Springs.

Take care!


Suzanne said...

Thanks Liz, for checking up on me. We are safe from the fires, so far. I have some family, both in Utah and Colorado, who are under pre-evac orders because of fires...kind of scary. I fear it is going to be a long hot Summer!