Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Stash busting report

I think I got my sewing mojo back in swing
during the month of April.

I have sewn Grand children's
and charity children's clothing this month,

Fabric purchased during April: 0 yards
Fabric purchased during 2012: 0 yards

Fabric used during April: 18.5 yards
Fabric donated during April: 10 yards
Fabric used during 2012: 50.5 yards

Yahoo! I am half way towards my 2012 goal
of using 100 yards, and I still have
8 months of sewing to do it!

My stash busting goal for May is to keep sewing
Grandchildren and charity clothing and
use up a large IKEA bag of fabric and
scraps I have designated as Spring/Summer fabrics.

How are you doing?

1 comment:

ANudge said...

How am I doing? Not as good as you - congrats! But I won't be worried until the last month of June comes along and I'm not near 50 like you are now. 100 is my goal also. Keep up the great work.