Monday, March 21, 2011

I hit the greatest sale, so I'm having a giveaway!

Good Monday morning!

I went to my local Saver's (second hand store)this morning.
Their price tags are color coded.
Each Monday, Saver's has one color that is 99 cents,
plus another color tag that is half off.

I have been stocking up on baby clothes and patterns
for my two granddaughters that will be arriving
in May and June.

I have a little addiction to purses,

so I had to have this Liz Clairborne.
The grand price...99 cents! Love it!

I always come home with some patterns that I won't use.
(They package them in bags of 2-4 patterns)
So, I think I will have a give away.

I have two packages of 2 patterns each.

Giveaway A

These 2 patterns are both size 12-16
Giveaway B

The multi piece pattern is size 8-14
The dress pattern is size 18-22

Please leave a comment on this post of which pattern pair you would prefer.
You will have a second chance to win if you mention my giveaway on your blog-
just add a second comment and let me know about your post.
This giveaway is open to everyone (USA, UK, Canada, Outer Space)

Since my Mom was a fabulous clothes seamstress
and her birthday is this week,
I will draw the 2 winners names on Sunday-March 27th.
(6PM mountain time/USA)


Mrs. Exeter said...

I'm a sucker for a great bag, and this is lovely. What a super price too! Good spot!

I don't know if your lovely giveaway is open to UK followers, but if so, I'd be interested in the second pair of patterns. Thank you!

Summer (Our Heroine) said...

Ooh, I'd like to be entered for the first 2 patterns. I've been looking for a dress pattern like the second one. Thanks!

Kris said...

I love it when I find patterns at op shops! I'd love to see the ones you are keeping. You should show us. You have two granddaughters coming this year, I have one in July. I want to make something for her, but can't seem to decide what!

(I love to look, but don't want to enter your draw!)