Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We ran away...

My Hubby is a school teacher. He teaches at a Middle/Jr. High School, which covers grades 7-9. He loves teaching. This last week tho, he was stressing out about beginning a new school year. (He started this last Monday)
So he said to me last week, "Let's run away from home"
"Run away from Home? Can we do that, as parents?", I replied.
"I don't know if we're allowed, but we're gonna...find a hotel and somewhere we haven't been or haven't visited in a long time"
We ran away for home for a weekend, and it was wonderful, and we have decided to do it the weekend before he begins school every year from now on....
We originally wanted to camp, but couldn't find anywhere that was either open or sounded exciting or wasn't going to be freezing cold at night, so I booked a hotel at the Salt Lake Airport... I loaded the photos backwards, so on Sunday, we drove out to Wendover, Nevada on Hwy I-80. About half way west of Salt Lake, you come upon this "Tree" (pictured above) out along the highway. Now, there isn't anything else to look at out there, so it's kind of startling to come upon it. It represents a tree and the metal changes color as the temperature changes.
Just outside of (west) Salt Lake we stopped at Saltair on the Great Salt Lake. Saltair use to be a beautiful Pavilion next to the Lake where people would go to swim and dance and have a great time. The changing level of the Lake has changed Saltair to a sad crumbling building. We walked out a little on the beach where I took the photo (above) of a rainstorm coming across the water.

Saturday, we went to the Family History/Genealogy Library for about 8 hours. My Hubby is determined to find his ancestors, but history isn't making it easy for him. We took a break and walked across Temple Square over the Lamb's Restaurant for a early dinner.

As I said, we stayed in the Hampton Inn by the Salt Lake Airport. It was a nice hotel, but our stay was kind of comical. We checked in and went to our room, which was at the other end of the hotel. When we opened the door, we were overwhelmed with cigarette smoke. Called down to the desk, who told us to come back down and they'd change our room. They upgraded us to a nice suite, which was beautiful, until we walked into the bedroom and found the maid had left the dirty linens/towels on the floor. Another call to the desk to remove the laundry resulted in a move to another, bigger, cleaner suite that ended up being free! I had never stayed at a Hampton Inn before, but I will book with them again in the future. Oh, the breakfast in the morning was huge and yummy!
Next year, we'll just plan to run away earlier so we can book a nice camping spot....or maybe a cabin...or another Hampton Inn room!


Lorraine said...

Oh - great idea...we ran away earlier this year for a wonderful week....and I think we should do it again soon....somewhere near a quilt shop maybe?? LOL

Ann J said...

Running away is always good - we do it quite often - it helps us to stay sane!! Love the 'Tree'.........AJ

Gina said...

What a great idea. When Gemma is old enough to look afetr herself I think Mal and I will run away.

Love the photos and well done you on a free upgrade

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem with Hampton Inns, but it is good to know that they take care of you!

Sounds like you had a good time....