Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random photos

We've so busy the last month. Just some of the activities of our family: vacation, Alaska Cruise, son & his daughters moving in with us, work and all the general Summer activities. I loaded a few random photos to share....
Daughter V dyeing her hair...bonus of using foil on your head...the aliens can't find you. And Yes, her hair looks pink in the eventually turned blond

My Hubby's 1st day of Summer t-shirt....even school teachers need a break!

Daughter E playing beauty parlor with her nieces...

Grandson T (son of daughter E) helping his mom do laundry...don't try this at home!

Me and Hubby celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary at Totem Bight Park in
Ketchikan, Alaska

Hubby playing with the bears in Alaska...actually at the T-shirt Store in Juneau, Alaska
Hope you enjoyed the Random photos of my life!


Ann J said...

Thanks for sharing such fun photos, but not too sure about the bear!!

Kris said...

Very cool random photos! Life sounds busy at the moment!

*karendianne. said...

"Mind Closed" T-shirt is hilarious. Just passing thru via Quilt Studio Ring. Lots happening in your fun blog. Thanks for letting me in. hee! *karendianne.