Sunday, June 7, 2009

Car show season-Ogden Utah June 2009

My Husband loves his car shows. We went to the annual Ogden 25th Street Car & Motorcycle Show this last Friday. My daughter & her friend James joined us, as well as our son, who had come down from Idaho. I like the car in the background (my Hubby is building one from a kit), but I took the photo above for the cute little girl sign.

I love this paint the car too!

Tho my Hubby would never do it, I like the art deco look of this drivers door.....

This photo is for my hubby...he's thinking of doing a similar color when he paints his car. It's actually a school bus yellow with a pearl overcoat to get a peachy orange color.

I took this photo because it's the same year and make of my Hubbies Chevy and I really like this paint job. I'm sure it's expensive....but he's worth it!
Happy beginning of Summer!