Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home from a quick trip

We had planned to go away for a few days a camping,
but that's not how it worked out.
We first went up to Porcupine Reservoir (Utah)
to help set up tents for our Church Youth Conference
To say the least it was extremely hot,
especially after I spent some time in the back of a
transport trailer unloading supplies.
The food prep guys gave me a cold Gatorade from
their self made Gatorade creek...and it was cold!
But, I was already beginning to feel really sick.....
Went and climbed in the car and waited for Hubby to finish.
If you look REALLY close you can see a deer in the
center of the above photo....she was checking out the area
Decided to drive home instead of up into Idaho.

Going back past Porcupine on the windy small road.

Finally got out of the canyon about 9pm.
This photo is looking back East across to the camping area.
Got back down into the Valley and my Hubby
says "let's just go into Logan for the night"

Morning view from our room at the Hampton Inn.
Breakfast....a little antique shopping...
and now home!

So much for camping!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stash busting report

Good Afternoon, Stash busters!

I did some sewing this last week I can actually count in my report, so....

Fabric in this week: 5 yards

Fabric used this week: 15 yards

Fabric used YTD: 67.5 yards

The numbers are a little improved!

Goals for 26 Jul-1 Aug:

Make & Create-

Borders on July quilt
Sew charity flannel baby quilts
Drop off top for quilting for County fair (August)

Health & Weight-

Gym/pool four times this week
Try one new excerise class at gym
No eating out this week
Plan health meals for our camping trip

I did very poorly this last week, especially on my Health/Weight goals.
I let reality overwhelm me...not going to happen this week!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brigham Quilt Invitational 2010

My friend Teri and I went to the annual quilt show
at the Brigham City museum (Utah)

They always put on a great show every year.

This years featured artist is Patty Weaver out of Colorado.
Unfortunately I was unable to photograph any of her works.

I liked this maple leaf block...

I always like bird patterns...this one is especially pretty
This is a Utah Arches landscape by
Carol Johnson of Utah
I took her piecing landscape class a few years ago.
She's a wonderful teacher!

The quilts above and below are by Lenore Crawford
Her work is absolutely stunning!
She quilts her landscapes in the same overall pattern.
I wonder if she is a teacher as well as an accomplished quilter?

These two quilts are based on her photos from Southern France.

If you get a chance...go see the show...runs thru August 18th.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sad day for our family...again

A couple months ago I told you how we had to have our daughters cat, Izzy the Devil Kitty, put down.

It was very difficult as I made the final decision to do it.

I hate being an adult sometimes, and that was one of those times.

Today, I had to repeat that choice with my own cat, Minou
who this blog is named after....

She was 18 years old and has been a wonderful furry member of our family.
In her younger years she was a great mouse catcher,
which was good when we built our home next to the farms.
She has slept on my hip or back each night all these years.

I will miss her dearly!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fabric stash report

I actually did some sewing this week, tho I also added fabric...

Fabric added this week: 5 yards

Fabric used this week: 5 yards

Oh well, at least I broke even!

I also added another Lilly photo.
The plants have nearly bloomed themselves out.

This weeks goals: July 19-25

Make & Create:

Finish a batch of baby quilts for charity
Border on July quilt
Organize projects for Christmas sewing
Finish a quilt top for Davis County Fair (August)

Health & Weight:

Gym/pool 4 times this week
Drink water when tempted to snack
Go without Internet 3 days this week
Talk to Jamie about writing out a nutrition plan for me

Hope you have an excellent week!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fabric stashbusting report

Nothing much has changed from last time...

I did some sewing, but nothing is finished,
so I don't feel like I can count it.

Still at about 26 yards of stash fabric
busted out of the 52.5 yards I have used.

I've included a photo of one of my flower blooms
since that's where I've been spending my time-
out in the garden.

This weeks goals:

Make & Create-
Finish Christmas in July Wallhanging
Finish 3 skill building blocks-give project over to someone in quilt chapter
Attend Summer Quilt chapter luncheon-contest
Knit any time I watch TV

Health & Weight-
Attend gym/pool 4 times this week
Do not go out to dinner-homecooking only this week
Cut down computer time for more outside time

Have a great week!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

It started out one way and ended another way!

I have been working on my Christmas in July quilt
for my quilt chapters July competition.
I didn't like how it was going and kept trying to figure out a solution.

My daughter suggested I should add some blue to it
and make it a fourth of July/Christmas quilt.

I thought about it and I think that's what I'll do.

Now, I need to decide if I have enough time
and energy to make something for the competition!

(BTW-the photo makes the pinwheels look pink,
but the blocks are red with a few yellow blocks thrown in)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabric wise...I'm not doing so good..

I made it thru the first of the year
not purchasing any new fabric, but
since I went on vacation, the
shopping bug has gotten me!

Fabric added this week: 2 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards

Oh well...

Make and create goals for July 5-July 11

Finish Christmas in July quilt top
Catch up on 4 skill builders block
Organize clothing patterns
Measure car seats for new covers

Health & Weight goals

Stay above 10,000 steps a day on pedometer
Go to gym/pool 4 times this week
Walk dogs at least once during the week

Hope all you American bloggers had a wonderful 4th!
Everyone have a great week!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Never go to a car show with your hubby...

I have gone to many car shows
with my car-man Hubby.
This year we went to the Logan Run (Utah)

On the way home, my Hubby saw
a little red 1968 VW Bug in a parking lot.

Guess what he

We now have 7 cars and 4 drivers in this house!

The old station wagon will be going bye bye on Monday
so we will be back to only 6 cars...ha!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creativity block....

I'm stuck...can't figure out how to finish this quilt top.

My quilt chapter is having a
"Christmas in July" contest on July 13th

I had decided to use up the multiple
red fat quarters I received from my
quilt chapter ladies as a thank you last year
at the end of my chapter presidency.

I also decided to use up other fabric
out of my enormous fabric stash.

It's not working...don't know where to go
with this pattern.
I have 55 blocks made.
I would need one more block if I
laid it out in a 7 by 8 block top.

The blocks are just going to have to sit
for a hour(or day or weekend}
while I figure this out!