Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This weeks Ode to 30's blocks

I am trying to set and keep my sewing goals.
My goal is to sew two blocks per week from the 30's quilt
This weeks blocks: #3 Block-Devil's Claw
Block #5-Arrowhead

I have sewn Block #4 but it also includes some applique
so I'll finish it another week.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I want to be Nancy Didonato..

I really like her work! She looks at the textile World just a little different,
and I like the resulting quilts she creates!
This is a photo from the Quilters Newsletter Magazine
(Feb/Mar 2010-page 90)
of her quilt creation called C-L-I-C-K II.
Isn't it fantastic!!! The quilt blocks were made in circular form
then connected with plastic clasps.
The quilt can be taken apart and rearranged
and new circles can be added on.

I was so inspired that I am going to try this same idea.
I want to do a quilt with the clasps
based on music and songs that mean something to me.
I purchased a bunch of the clasps this weekend.

I would also like to figure out some way to tape each song
so that when someone is looking at the quilt,
they can hear the song too.
Still trying to figure that one out tho.

Two songs I know I want to do is "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
and "When you believe " from the movie "Prince of Egypt"

Do you have a song you especially like?
Share the song title and artist in the comment section.

Ode to the 1930's

I've begun the 1930's scrappy quilt called Ode to the 30's.
I hope to do a couple of blocks per week so it doesn't become another UFO! This is block #2 called Wyoming Valley.
I had problems with the center square matching up points.
Decided I was going to do my best on this quilt,
but not stress myself out on perfection.
This is block #1 called Homespun.
The designer recommends making the 12" blocks first,
then working your way down to the 3" blocks,
finishing with the applique blocks.
Doing the construction this way, you are cutting larger pieces out of your fabric,
working down to smaller pieces.
I will run out of 1930-50's fabrics before I finish this quilt
so I guess I will just have to buy more!

Stashbusting Report

Finished up on quilt to be donated to QOV...still need to find a backing for it.
Actually, I thought I made it already,
but I can't find it in my messy! Fabric used this week: 3.5 yards
Fabric used out of stash YTD: 23.5
Fabric used YTD: 50.5 yards

Thursday, April 22, 2010

North/South Carolina Quilters...

.....or specifically, quilters from Raleigh, North Carolina,
down thru Wilmington,
to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina....
I will be at a family reunion in your general area in mid June.
Can you share your fav shop or any exhibits I might like?
Of course, you don't have to live there...if you have visited
the same area and can suggest a shop....let me know!
Photo: Myrtle Beach Pier

New path in my life

For the past couple of years, my weekly schedule has pretty well stayed the same.
Sunday: Church and family day
Monday-Friday: Babysit grandson-clean and sew when I could find the time
Saturday: Run errands and do whatever I missed during the week.
But now, I am on a new path..... My handsome grandson, shown above asleep on his Auntie, is going to daycare 3 days a week
Three days that I can now do other things...what to do first?
I've done a little cleaning...went to a movie with a daughter....
shopped...lunch with ladies from my Church....
Of course, I have a HUGE pile of UFO's just waiting to be finished,
plus a few more landscape and art quilt ideas floating around in my imagination...
but I decided to try and stash bust my container of 1930-1950's fabrics,
so I got out this pattern......
(Sorry about the photo is from my phone)
Pop in a movie or some music, and I'm on my way....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A second block for Cancer fund raiser

I had just enough left from the pink fat quarter to do another block
for the Breast Cancer fund raiser in the Fall This is called Prairie Queen...
and aren't all women Queen of their World
even if they don't live on the Prairie!

Stashbusting Report

Slow sewing week...
Fabric used: 1 yard
Fabric used YTD: 47 yards

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Breast Cancer Star

Each year the Utah Quilt Guild sells pink fabric fat quarters
to raise money for Breast Cancer research
Some of the money from the fabric sales goes towards charity,
plus the additional funds raised at Annual Meeting when folks vote
on their favorite quilt block made out of the pink fabric Unfortunately, I won't be attending Annual Meeting in the Fall this year,
but I made sure I got my block made to donate.
All the blocks are put together into quilts and other projects,
then sold the following year for an additional fund raiser.
Thank you from all the Cancer survivors,
myself included,
who will benefit from any money raised for Cancer Research!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has finally sprung!

Springtime---what it means to me!
Cleaning out closets and drawers...washing the Winter things and packing them away....
Scrubbing windows and curtains to let the sunshine in and get rid of the cobwebs....
I made a trip to our local Deseret Industries, which resales used things.
I dropped off our load at the back door, then drove around to the front and went it... I found this wonderful selection of patterns for 50 cents each, and only one had been cut!

Spring is also time to start being outdoors...
The flowering bulbs are beginning to bloom across the front porch But as you can see in the top right of the photo...I still have the snow shovel up on the porch!
My Grandson loves to say Hello to the neighbors chickens and goats.

I love Spring!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am having the BEST week!

I am having the best week!
All sorts of projects are just coming together in just the perfect way.
First, my Hubby got hired for his Summer job taking care of the Cemetery again.
The city he has worked for was making major economic changes
and there was the possibility his job was going to be eliminated. The weather has finally cleared up. Springtime in Utah is very Unpredictable, to say the least!
Last week we had 6 inches of snow in one, it's clear and warm.
The above photo is looking across the field to Antelope Island.
I attended the monthly meeting of the Syracuse (Utah) Quilters.
Kathy showed a scrap quilt she made...isn't it great!

Glory showed the quilt she made for her 38th Grandchild....38th-Wow!!!!!
I am winding down on babysitting my grandson. He starts pre-school next week,
so I will have 3 days a week to myself now.....
Get out the UFO and To-do list!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stash fabric purse

I spent this afternoon sewing just for the fun of it.
It seems lately I am always sewing for someone else,
but not for me just for fun. Devil Kitty joined me for some sewing time.
You can see one of the dresses for the Africa charity in the lower left of the photo.
I searched thru a bag of donated fabric and found a polynesian poly cotton scrap
and made this purse.
I've made the pattern before and it goes together really easily and quickly.
A girl can always use another purse!

Stashbusting Report

I got some sewing done....yeah....
during this week of Spring Break and a really nasty cough!
I am beginning to make dresses for a charity in Africa
plus I used up some more of my solids for a QOV quilt.
Fabric used this week: 5 yards
Fabric used YTD: 46 yards

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prairie Queen Block

My quilt chapter is having different members present a quilt block
and tell a little about it's history.
Each presenter makes up the block using the same orange fabric
The blocks will be put together into a charity quilt
for the city of Syracuse (Utah) Museum.
This Tuesday I am presenting the "Prairie Queen" block from 1880.
I made this block up in a 12.5" size.
It goes together quite easily and is a great block to use up little scraps.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I won I won I won!!!

I have entered a few drawings in blogland, but not too often....
but, this time, I couldn't resist this cute little pattern...
and I WON!!! My granddaughter is going to look wonderful in the sweet little wrap skirt this Summer!
Thank you to Lisa at for the drawing...go check out her blog!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I think she has it!

Quite a while ago, I posted about trying to learn to knit.

This is my current project...a new scarf for me.
The photo doesn't show the beautiful green color,
with little flecked of brown, black and gray all thru it.
I liked this yarn so much I bought 5 skeins last year,
tho I didn't know what I was going to do with it.

I like the knit stitch, but am struggling with the purl stitch.

Hope where ever you are, you had a wonderful Easter Sabbath!

Stash busting report

I did just a little sewing this week.
We've got alot of sickness here...again.
I think we've been passing the same cough back and forth
for about 6 weeks's my turn

Fabric used this week: 1 yard
Fabric used YTD:41 yards

Friday, April 2, 2010

Using up some fabric!

I've done very little sewing for me lately, which was frustrating.
Because of sickness(my daughter and grandson), I didn't babysit yesterday,
so I got in the fabric stash and found was a scrap (20" X 35") someone passed onto me.
I found a white scrap for the backing and a little batting and made a runner for my kitchen table

My Granddaughters were coloring at the table,
so I put it on the familyroom chest of drawers for a's a little too wide for it tho.
Not Earth shattering, but it felt great to get something done start to finish in an hour.