Sunday, December 27, 2009

My last 2009 Stash report

Where has the year definitely has gone by fast!
With family commitments, I never did get any sewing done this last week.
For my final count:
Fabric in Year-to-date: 80 yards
Fabric out year-to-date: 153 yards
I didn't meet my 2009 goal, but I did but a big dent in the fabric piles, so it's still progress!
Here are photo's of two of my fav Christmas gifts... From my daughter V-a glass sea shell necklace. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but I just love this necklace...thanks Baby Girl!
From my daughter E-Samoan print fabric she purchased from one of my fav quilt bloggers, Barb, at Bejeweled...she's listed under my most visited blogs on the left side column. I am looking forward to coming up with a really good quilt (or two) with this fabric.
Thank you Sweet Pea...and Barb...for the fabric!

I hope you and yours have had a wonderful Winter Holiday Break....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stashbusting Report

We're nearly done with our reports for 2009....where did the time go?
I've been busy with family out my Dad's, no sewing
80 yards in YTD.....153 yards used YTD
Christmas is next week...guess I better lock myself in my sewing room!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stashbusting report

I used one whole yard of scrap terry cloth making tubes (filled with cat liter) to block out the cold air coming into our laundryroom....hey, at least I sewed this week!

Fabric in YTD: 80 yards

Fabric used YTD: 153 yard

End of my Presidency!

I have served as President of my Syracuse Utah Quilt chapter for the past year. My reign came to an end this month when I passed on the torch to the new leaders for the 2010 year. I have had a great time being President...I had a fantastic committee that pretty well ran the whole group smoothly....I just stood at the front of the room occasionally and said a few words.
At the end of the year we get together as a group for a luncheon...this year we ate at Sizzler Steak house in Layton.....yummy salad bar. We have a gift exchange too. I scored big this year...I picked a cute little purse and in that purse was.... ...these gorgeous hand dyed fat quarters.....aren't they beautiful. I can see all sorts of possibilities in the variegated colors in these pieces. I need to create just the perfect landscape quilt with these beauties!
As out-going President, the ladies each gave me a red fat quarter....can you tell red is my favorite color? I have been working on stash busting some of my red fabric this year, but the ladies just restocked me...thanks, all!

They even included this great pattern with the fabric....can't get the photo to load side to side....sorry! It's from the Feb 2010 American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (pg 49). It's already at the top of my to-do list.
I did not take on another committee position for 2010. Decided I am ready for a little break...need to do my own thing for a while.

Monday, December 7, 2009

New stashbusting report

I posted my report new fabric used...someone put two wierd comments on it...couldn't remove the comments, so I just completely removed the post.
Wish I were smarter when it comes to blogging!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My UFO list

You may want to have a potty break and get yourself a drink before starting this's going to be a long one. Why? I have begun my UFO we go!
This is a piece of stamped muslin I did in a fabric dyeing class a few years ago. I have added some embroidery stitches here and there using up some leftover colorful threads. I have no idea what I am going to do with it tho...any suggestions?
This is the beginning of a Winter quilt. The pattern is "Our Pieceful Village" by Lynn Rice. Her patterns are pieced buildings that form a beautiful quaint village. I choose to do it in a winter theme, plus I am machine appliqueing the whole quilt top.

This project I have had for about 7-9 years and is actually someone elses UFO. I purchased a box of fabric with most of the pieces cut out at a yard sale for $5. The fabric is from the 1930-1950 time period, including the background piece.

These stars are from the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Fest Quilt til' you Wilt class..either 2 or 3 years ago. I purchased the red dot material to use as borders.

I won these black and white blocks at a quilt chapter meeting alot of years ago. Everyone took a turn making 2 blocks out of black and white fabric...each block has a little zinger bright fabric. At the end of the year, I won half of the blocks, while the other half were made into a quilt for charity.

Last, but not least, is my butterfly wall hanging. I have a few more blocks to make, then I will make it all into a wall hanging using the butterfly fabric in the background.
Well, that's it...for now....I know there is more in my studio, but I am going to just start with these for now!